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Technology Certified™ performs Penetration Testing for the best possible results

Penetration Test is a simulation of hacker’s attack on a system, network, application or website. It is used to discover existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities before hackers find and exploit them. It tests whether a site or system is secure, or it has loopholes by which hackers can take benefits.
We give perfection to the architecture through Penetration Testing. Our primary aim is to build trust by providing best results to patrons.

Some companies usually perform testing with the help of vacant testing tools, which do not always give the levelheaded outcome. We endow you with the preeminent issue, as we work under the guidance of prominent Ethical Hackers to performs the testing.
We work with full dedication and will let you engaged in our organization with our dedication and hard work.
Our Services:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Application Security Check & Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment:
Vulnerability is the leading threat to all the systems these days. The risks found after vulnerability assessment is the highest risk. Further, it is prioritized as security instance to the remediation process. It intends to inspect the project to raise the security volume of system and network.
Managing risk by scanning system: It is critical to secure an organizational network from vulnerabilities by regular scanning. If we have updated security software, even then it’s risky because the vulnerabilities keep on updating with new threats every day. To deal with the danger, we need security software to be updated every 12 hours with new vulnerabilities.
We provide the risk analysis of the weaknesses throughout the network to reduce the risk factor of the system.
Our Techniques:

Web Application Security Check & Penetration Testing:
In this technique, web application is tested by simulating various attacks to identify the threats present.
We expertise in the web application check, as it is the primary cause of the data negotiation and data leak. Every year a list of threats and vulnerabilities comes out related to web applications. We have the ability in inspecting the design and the code, as we are working from years on various technologies like ASP.NET, Java, Android, and PHP.
Website is the primary source where your data is available online. If your site is vulnerable, it could be the invitation for hackers to target the site. We test your site with a hacker’s point of view and apply all the hacking techniques to find vulnerabilities.
Our Methodology:

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